Starsupply is the leading physical oil brokerage firm in Europe. We are covering a wide range of oil products, in physical markets throughout Europe. Among other products we cover Fueloil, Distillates, Naphtha, Feedstocks and Blend Components.

The current Starsupply Petroleum Europe is a result of the 2008 merger between Stardust Rotterdam, founded in 1978, and Starsupply Rotterdam, founded in 1993. 

Our focus is on client relationships. We are dedicated to provide the highest level of service and discretion. As we have proven over the years, the Starsupply brokers are not just commited to your next deal, but moreover want to remain long term business partners.

Our range of products

Fuel Oil

By charting bids and offers we help our clients to attain a clear view of the market as it...


The Starsupply Distillates Team actively covers the FOB and CIF markets for barges and cargoes...


Naphtha is used primarily as feedstock for producing a high octane gasoline component (via...

Gasoline / Gasoline Components